Life Update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Not to just me of course, but also to this amazing platform I created 12 months ago with the hopes of inspiring people and taking them along my journey as a millennial, learning to glow and grow in my career, relationships and personal life. I want to say to whomever is reading this: THANK YOU! Thank you so very much to every single person that has followed my blog posts. If you have read one post, two post or a faithful reader of every single one, THANK YOU! I write here for pleasure and it means so much to me, for you all to take the time to hear what I have to say. I haven’t been consistent during this journey but hey, there’s always room for growth during year two. So again, THANK YOU! 

I think it’s fair to say I owe you all a life update. The last time we met here, I felt like it wasn’t the appropriate time to talk about all the great things that were happening in my life because of COVID and the senseless killing of black men and women. It’s 2020 and we are still beating that same drum but I won’t get into that. So let’s dive right into what I have been into.

I BOUGHT A HOUSE! In February, I purchased my first home. It’s a small condo that will be a perfect start for me and the future hubs. Let me just say that God’s timing is perfect (or not so perfect .. depends on how you look at the situation) because after some small renovations, I moved in around the beginning of March. Around that time I was also furloughed from my job (I will get into that later). The bright side of being furloughed was that I got to be in my own space! Much of my free time was spent decorating and chilling on my couch. I was able to spend some much needed “me time” relaxing and shopping for things my home needed.  Living alone has taught me that I am a homebody and I am okay with that. Anything that consists of couch+Netflix +wine+a candle= a very, very content Kennyatta. 

While furloughed from my job, I also got a fur-baby! Her name is Joy and she is an American Bully. She loves to eat, go for walks, bark at other dogs and take naps with her mommy. She’s super friendly and loves meeting new people. I’m obsessed and extra about her. She’s a bit much sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade my girl for nothing. Honestly, she has made home ownership so fun and a lot less lonely at times!

Joy was born in February. She was originally my brother’s dog and he gave her to me!

Right after I got settled in my house and got Joy, JORDAN PROPOSED! On April 16, 2020 I said yes to my favorite headache and the most wonderful man. He planned a super thoughtful engagement with our close families and friends and said some of the sweetest words that I will always cherish. We are super excited to plan our wedding (which has been pushed back from the original date due to COVID–*rolls eyes) and start our lives together. Jordan did a mighty fine job picking out my ring. I’m super obsessed with it and can’t wait to pick out a gorgeous wedding band to go with it! Jordan is such an amazing person that is so patient with my “high maintenance” and spoiled ways. He balances me out in ways I never knew I needed and I can’t wait to be his wife!

I got a new car! Her name is Reese. I was able to financially afford a car that I’ve wanted since undergrad and I love it so much. Nothing much else to expand on here besides 1. God’s faithfulness is unmatched and I will never be worthy for how much He continues to bless me. 2. The car was much needed! 

Last but certainly not least, I am in a new position! Well actually, two new positions.  I am still in the speech field but I am now in acute care and I also work prn at an assisted living. God story here: When I was going through graduate school, I always wanted to work in acute care or with the geriatric population. I did a clinical rotation in the hospital and was extremely overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge needed to work in that area. Acute care is a totally different ball game. Not to diminish any other setting by no means but for me, I knew it was going to take a ton of CEUs to learn all I wanted/need to know about trachs, vents, head and neck cancer, FEES, and VFSS. Plus, there’s just so much dang terminology! One clinical practicum wasn’t going to be enough. When speaking with my medical supervisor about wanting to work in acute care she was upfront with me about needing more experience and how it’s typical for students to have to be open to moving out of the area to find an acute care job. Those jobs are definitely hard to find! 

Fast forward 9 months, COVID had finally hit the United States. My pediatric job in the outpatient hospital setting had a significant decline in attendance and a month later we were furloughed. 

When it was time for us to come back to work, an executive decision had been made to decrease patient care time which meant more patients could be seen in a day. That also meant my caseload would be diminished and taken on by the other vet SLPs with 20+ years of experience. My ultimatum was to work inpatient or remained furloughed until further notice. With a new house and (at the time) looking for a new car, there was no other choice but to face my fears and work inpatient. 

Fast forward another 3 months and it has been there best experience I have ever had in this field. I have learned so much about not only my career but also myself. I immediately dived into some CEU courses and reviewed my notes from my medical practicum. I love walking into work everyday and never knowing what to expect. I love educating people daily about the role of speech pathologists. I love making my patients feel cared for during their hospital stay. I love reassuring families daily that we are going to do everything we possibly can to to make sure their loved one receives the best treatment and rehabilitation services. Going to work everyday no longer feels like a tasks but rather (I grimace when I say this only because I never thought I would) an enjoyment! I’ve never been so eager to just be a sponge and learn from the vet SLPs, doctors, radiologists, OTs and PTs I work with daily. 

I’ve said this before but truly God’s grace and understanding for what we need, never ceases to amaze me. I was once told I would have to relocate and obtain more experience for this position. However, God thought enough of me to literally hand me a position, that I didn’t have to apply for. He clearly saw the confidence in me that I didn’t see in myself!

2020 has been sh** for a lot of people. I mean excuse my language but how else would you describe it? However, for me it has been amazing! It has been full of memories, new opportunities, and BIG blessings. I am so grateful and can’t wait to see what 2021 brings (not a wedding so don’t ask me, lol). 

3 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Love this! God is doing so many amazing things in your life. I pray this upcoming year carries many more blessings. Proud of you friend! Congrats and happy birthday!


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